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Prince Africa Zulu was born on May 4, 1978 in Ulundi, KwaZulu Natal. He is a Zulu Prince descending from a long line of royalty and is directly related to King Shaka Zulu, King Mpande Zulu and the current king of the Zulu Nation, King Goodwill Zwelithini Zulu.

He currently resides in Durban South Africa, and is a generous humanitarian, succesful businessman and a strong promoter of traditional African Culture. (more info...)

December 23, 2011

Business Expo – 2011 to 2012»

Towards Sustainable Household Income Security

Honourable Special Guest, Ladies and Gentlemen, and members of the Media: Household income security is a burden for household heads as well as the SA Government in particular. The impact of previous socio-economic marginalisation remains in the form of high level unskilled people who can hardly afford daily meal after over 15 years into our democracy. The economic deprivation of majority of rural settlements and communities from active economic participation has accumulated the current social inequality manifesting in hungry and sick rural household without means to income

Household income security is basically the ability of the head of the home’s ability to provide basic needs per day for members of the home who are dependent upon him/her. This could be availability and access to food,
ability for the home to pay for clean water and where necessary electricity, and access health needs, provides education, and sense of well-being in secure and decent shelter. In some cases, the household on rental shelter
should be capable to pay monthly the rent. But where household income security is under threat is the case where the head of the home is incapacitated or unemployed to meet the required basic needs. In other contemporary examples, minor household heads can be placed within the state of incapability where they are too young and lack basic income earning
skills to buy and sell, or engage in some communal productive ventures. Though the Government has increased its Social Welfare coverage in age level recently, it appears the increasing need for welfare from the state is getting to a level unsustainable.  This is due to low economic growth being experienced by the state due to the deep global recession.
Whilst the situation is not at critical level yet though severely severe, there is the need for the private sector, NPOs and traditional authorities to contribute in finding practical means to achieve household income security rise and the decline of poverty in households. This is one of the key objectives that the 2012 Business Expo has been planned to empower and
educate society and encourage all and sundry to tackle the high welfare and incomeless situation that underlies household income insecurity in the North-Coast area.

Poverty is a situation like illness that can be tackled and treated with right actions, awareness and resolute spirit of empowered people. The President in his recent visits to our localities has thrown the challenge to
our communities to rise and act. The people require leadership in this transformation pursuit, thus to work at eradicating poverty by our own effort once we’re aware what it is as painful situation. The Expo programme is not just a social function but a leadership function to inspire and raise the sense of capability – to instil and inspire “Yes we can” for especially
the youth to take their destiny in their own hands by taking advantage of  available opportunities that together (the state, private sector and traditional leadership) have provided. Goethe has said, “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough we must do”.

Thank you.

HRH Prince Africa Zulu
Of Onkweni

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