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Prince Africa Zulu was born on May 4, 1978 in Ulundi, KwaZulu Natal. He is a Zulu Prince descending from a long line of royalty and is directly related to King Shaka Zulu, King Mpande Zulu and the current king of the Zulu Nation, King Goodwill Zwelithini Zulu.

He currently resides in Durban South Africa, and is a generous humanitarian, succesful businessman and a strong promoter of traditional African Culture. (more info...)

December 29, 2007

Focus for 2008»

As the year draws to it’s close I’m reflecting on what has been a wonderful 2007 and setting goals for 2008. It’s been a year of growth and development on the part of my business ventures and I intend to make 2008 a year of great success.I’ve realised that a focused man is a successful man and I intend to pour all my energy into developing these new business interests that I’ve started in this year. This will hopefully create greater economic development in South Africa and more job opportuinities in the community around me.Turning a good business into a great business is not an overnight event and I’m determined to go the distance.

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