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Prince Africa Zulu was born on May 4, 1978 in Ulundi, KwaZulu Natal. He is a Zulu Prince descending from a long line of royalty and is directly related to King Shaka Zulu, King Mpande Zulu and the current king of the Zulu Nation, King Goodwill Zwelithini Zulu.

He currently resides in Durban South Africa, and is a generous humanitarian, succesful businessman and a strong promoter of traditional African Culture. (more info...)

November 12, 2013

Provinces taking part in the 2013 – Onkweni Royal Cultural Festival»

The Following South African Provinces are taking part and sending contesting cultural dancing groups to the Onkweni Royal Cultural Festival – 2013 in December 27-31  later this year in Ulundi, the Northern Zululand. The festival is sending one bus per Province and each of them is 80 seater with an estimate participants of 1000 people plus 300 from further Kwazulu Natal Regions. We are expecting over 25000 people to come and attend this spectacular event in Zululand.

Kwazulu Natal

Western Cape

Limpompo ( Northern Province)

North West

Free State


Northen Cape

Eastern Cape


Besides the cultural dancing contestants there are a number of government and societal dignitaries and Officials of various organisation who will attend this year’s function at Ulundi, Northern Zululand, KZN. This year we will have just few international participation from across the SA borders, e.g., Swaziland musical guest and Namibian attendees and other parts of Africa..

It is hopeful that in 2014 session of the programme the participation will be extended widely to other international delegates and renown cultural groups across Africa.

Be part of this event and celebrate the great cultural and diversity vibrancy in SA in December 2013 at Ulundi, KZN.

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