Prince Africa Zulu

Events hosted by His Royal Highness, Prince Africa Zulu

Events HRH is involved in:

HRH Prince Africa Zulu

Events HRH Prince Africa Zulu is involved with

United Diversified Cultures and Heritage of South Africa

Shaka Zulu Musical Productions: The Prince led and managed Shaka Zulu to travel abroad to promote traditional music throughout Europe. The prince has worked with Badi Mupphy New Orleans, Rashid Lombard from Cape town International Jazz festival Jazz festival, special guest World Folklore Festival in Hungary

Onkweni Royal Festival

Is an annual show that celebrates the best of Zulu artists and provides an opportunity for the local community to be exposed to the rich depth of Zulu music.

Onkweni Royal Expo and Onkweni Business Seminar

This younger brother to the Onkweni Royal Festival has been established so that the local community is empowered and educated throughout the cultural exposure of the festival.


Prince Africa Zulu initiated the collaboration between Ladysmith black Mambazo ( Professor Joseph Shabalala and MISS NOA Zulu who is a Jewish MUSICIAN based in Israel. The collaboration with the princess of Swaziland HRH Princess Sikhanyiso with Zulu Boy from Durban

South African Traditional Dance Awards

This exciting new adventure is set to launch this year, 2013, and promises to be an international hit, creating an international platform for local talent.