Prince Africa Zulu

Family Tree of His Royal Highness, Prince Africa Zulu

Did you know?

Prince Africa Zulu is directly related to a number of very famous Zulu royals. He shares a family line with the likes of King Goodwill Zwelitini, King Sethwayo, and the legendary King Shaka Zulu.

Have a look at the family tree below to get an idea of where Prince Africa Zulu fits into the ancient Royal Family of Zulus.

Family Tree

As can be seen from the image or the list below, Prince Africa Zulu's oldest royal relation is King Jama Zulu. King Goodwill Zwelitini is his newest royal relative as the current king of the populous Zulu nation.

an image showing the family treee of Prince Africa Zulu. See the list below if you cannot see the image.

If you cannot view the image above, have a look at the list below